Amma's Poem
By Vigi Baba

  • Our mother Mrs. Rajaluxmy Ramalingam (mostly known as Saro Ramalingam) is a born poet. All these years she didn't have a chance to show her talent. There are so many reasons for that. One of the main reason is, she was too busy in taking care of us.
    She never get any awards or title from any organization. But who needs an organization to give her a title. So we gave her a title that is, "Kavi Arasi" Rajaluxmy Ramalingam. My father Ramalingam would be so happy and proud to see her achievements, if he is alive. But my Amma always has Appa's blessings!!

    Nowadays for anybody's birthdays or anniversarys, she makes card with her poem written on it. It is personal and will make you feel very special. She has written so many poems, here are some I want to share with others.

  • "Vaazhthukkal" is a collection of poems she wrote for Birthdays and Anniversarys.
  • "Pirantha Naal Vaazhthu" poem is, her wishes for my brother.
  • "Pathaandu Thirumana Niraivu" poem is her wishes for our 10th anniversary last year.
  • "Valai Kaappu" poem is Amma's wishes for a baby shower.
  • "Nalla Thamizh" poem is about our mother tongue Tamizh.
  • "Sooriya Uthayam" poem is her poem about describing and admiring the Sunrise.
  • "Idam Peyarvu", in this poem she is expressing her worries and how much she is missing her children back home.
  • "Kudumbam", in this poem she express how children neglect parents in general, she did not mean any family in particular.
  • "Kadal Ananththam" is a collection of poems about Tsunami. Most of the poems make me cry, even if I had read them so many times.